Pure cashmere short sweater, Luxurious 100% Cashmere long sleeves sweater is unique and soft.To find your perfect sweater, that you would gladly wear every day - is a hard task and it warms our heart as much as some wool blanket warms our body. This pure cashmere, oh-so-soft and light  sweater is your ultimate sweater, that will never let you down. Your body might change from season to season, yet this sweater will fit you no matter what. You can choose one of five colors I offer, the one that will compliment the rest of your wardrobe the most. All colors are quite basic, earthy thus will pair beautifully with any other colors in your wardrobe.

Luxurious Cashmere Sweater

  • Model is 168 cm. height and wearing size S

    • Sweater is handmade
    • Materials: 100% Cashmere (yarn is shipped from Italy), 4 ply
    • Colors: Gray, Black
    • CARE instructions: I recommend hand-wash or dry clean only


    I want to make sure that the garments you choose fit perfectly to you. This is why I ask to provide your exact measurements for me to double check if you have ordered the correct size.

    Sleeve length: 69 cm / 27.1 "
    Length of a sweater from shoulder to bottom: 68 cm / 26.8"